Butterfly effect

I was not the only one in love with the Iguazu Falls. Hundreds of different butterflies where dancing in the air in Iguazu Falls National Park.

Separate post on Iguazu Falls coming up later.


Iguazu Falls, Argentina | 2016


Iguazu Falls, Argentina | 2016


Iguazu Falls, Argentina | 2016


Iguazu Falls, Argentina | 2016


Iguazu Falls, Argentina | 2016


Iguazu Falls, Argentina | 2016



5 thoughts on “Butterfly effect

  1. All right. How did You find Brazil? Did You visit Little Finland near to Rio de Janeiro? Because I could not leave my comment on one of Your post, concerning Colombia – Cali – Salsa. Salsa, maybe the name nowadays for the original Cumbia, but Cumbia is Cumbia. Cumbia has spread round the South and Central America and it is my favorite music style. I even mention it in my About-me-page.

    Cumbia is happy tropical music.


    • Unfortunately my visit to Brazil was very short this time. Only had time to visit Foz do Iguaçu. Next time Rio is absolutely in my itinerary!

      The post on Colombia was not mine, I had only liked the post. They really dance salsa a lot in Cali, it is one of the world capitals for salsa. I know Cumbia as well but they are indeed two different ones. Cumbia is very happy music!

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