Camagüey – a cuban fairytale

Camagüey is a peculiar, sweet and a bit confusing city.

I would call it a cuban fairytale.

I absolutely loved Camagüey as I loved almost all of the places I visited in Cuba. It is as picturesque as La Habana or Trinidad but in Camagüey you feel like entering into Pan’s labyrinth. The little streets seem to lead nowhere and they turn randomly somewhere. If you feel like taking it a bit easier, the best way to explore the city is to jump on a bike taxi which takes you around the city.


Camagüey, Cuba |2014

The colours in Camagüey as fascinating. Walking there you think ‘I can’t believe someone can actually live inside a fairytale’


Camagüey, Cuba | 2014


Camagüey, Cuba | 2014

And the people there are quite peculiar too…


Camagüey, Cuba | 2014

The legend of Camagüey is that if you drink from a clay pot, Tinajón, you will fall in love in Camaguey and never leave. The Tinajón is the symbol of the city and it was used to capture rain water.


Camagüey, Cuba | 2014

If you are lucky you might end up dancing flamenco at the end of your day. But be careful, if you don’t get back to your hotel before mid night, you might never leave Camaqüey.


Photo credits to fellow traveller | Camagüey, Cuba | 2014

Un saludo desde Camagüey,



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