My bucket list

  1. All the Caribbean islands (yes, I have a thing with the Caribbean’s vibes)
  2. Colombia & Cali for salsa
  3. Costa Rica for its amazing nature
  4. Bhutan for its culture and landscapes
  5. Nepal for the mountains
  6. India & Taj Mahal & Jaipur – just because it is India.
  7. Namibia for its nature
  8. Botswana for its nature
  9. Uganda for gorillas
  10. Egypt & Giza and pyramids
  11. Jordan & Petra – obviously
  12. Morocco for its culture and colours
  13. New Zealand for its incredible landscapes
  14. Portugal for Fado
  15. Canada for the great canadians I have met and its nature
  16. Mongolia for its nature and landscapes
  17. Iran for its cultura heritage
  18. Maledives – beach lovers paradise
  19. Antarctica – a classic that every well travelled has named as their absolute top destination.
  20. Greece & Santorini and other islands – I have a thing with Greece too.