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I know La Habana I, we met at a very speacial moment. Therefore, I might be biased to say this city rocks. I am quite sure, though, that it is not just how we met, La Habana really is stunning. Or what do you think?

Music recommendation for watching: Bailando by a cuban band, Gente de Zona with Enrique Igleas, filmed in Havana:

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Trinidad de Cuba – a Cuban Must

Trinidad de Cuba is a town in central Cuba. Together with the nearby Valle de los Ingenios it has been a UNESCO World heritage site since 1988.


Street of Trinidad de Cuba | Trinidad de Cuba | 2014

Trinidad de Cuba is my favorite place in Cuba after Havana. It has a colourful and inspiring atmosphere as Havana but with a small town feeling. During the day you can wander around and get lost. You can capture great holiday photos from the well-kept colonial buildings or relax and taste La Canchánchara, a drink that originates from Trinidad.


Trinidad de Cuba | 2014

Before the sunset you can hit the beach, south from the town. Take some rom, food and friends with you and watch the mother nature painting the sky with amazing colours.


Sunset by the Caribbean Sea | Trinidad de Cuba | 2014


Phot credits go to fellow traveller | Trinidad de Cuba, Cuba | 2014

Head back to town for some live music in the small plaza midway up the steps leading to the Casa de la Música. It doesn’t matter whether you are a rookie or a pro, just crab a partner and go move your hips with the beats of salsa. Take a break and have a Mojito while cooling down from dancing.


Trinidad de Cuba | 2014

Once you are ready for some serious party, climb up the mountain asking  for Discoteca Ayala, one of the most amazing dance clubs you have ever been. It is also called La Cueva, the Cave. It is a club carved out of a deep two-level cave. The party there gets hot and crazy. When the party is over and if you still have energy, just follow the crowd back to the town for some after party.

I had amazing time and met some really cool travellers as well as locals. Trinidad is a must while in Cuba!


Trinidad de Cuba | 2014

Havana – Unprescripted Communication with Cuban Reality


Before heading to Cuba, my Cuban friend gave me an advice and I had no idea it would change my trip to Cuba completely.


It had been three months since my breakup from a relationship I though would be for life. After months and months of contemplating, discussions and tears I had moved out from our home. I was heartbroken, tired and exhausted. One day I had decided to I needed to get away and had ’a brilliant idea’ to fullfil my long time dream and to go to Cuba. On my own. Alone. It had made all the sense in the world the day I booked my trip but as my departure day was coming closer, I was hyperventilating. If I barely had the energy to get out If bed, how could I travel alone to the Caribbean’s. Isn’t that dangerous, I was asking myself together with a lots…

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